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love and pain booklet

Love and Pain - words about baby loss booklet

One of our committee members found that when she lost her son at 20 weeks, writing really helped her to process what she and her family were experiencing. We know that writing can be therapeutic and many others also use writing to help them express and understand their feelings. It can also be reassuring and comforting reading experiences of other bereaved parents - seeing that what you are feeling, they are feeling too.

Laura has now put together a booklet, 'Love and Pain: words about baby loss', compiling some of her words alongside the words of others affected by baby loss. She hopes that this booklet might help others, as well as raise some money for Fife Sands.

Laura says: "It's been such a privilege to put together this booklet. I was so touched by the words that people submitted to be included in the booklet. It's really beautiful despite being sad and I hope it will raise awareness about how hard baby loss is. I can recognise so much of what I felt, and still feel, in the words in this book."

You can purchase a copy of the booklet at Laura's Etsy shop.…